Pioneer Tech Becomes Testing Center for Pesticide Applicators

Pioneer Technology Center (PTC) is a new testing site for the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry (ODAFF). Before 2018 all testing for the department was handled in house while test takers travelled to places like Oklahoma City or Tulsa. Last year ODAFF formed a partnership with PSI Test Center as a new contractor for applicator testing.

“Pioneer Tech has become a coveted location where tests can be taken for commercial and non-commercial applicators,” said Sheila Foxworthy, Assessment Center Facilitator. “We are thrilled to offer additional testing opportunities for our community.”

Under Oklahoma law applicators must be tested to apply pesticides for compensation. In this ODAFF testing category there are 28 different tests that can be taken at PTC.

            All PSI testing is done on Tuesdays in the Assessment Center at Pioneer Tech, test takers must visit the PSI website to create an account and make reservations for the dates they choose. “It’s a great opportunity for this testing to be available at Pioneer Tech. It makes it convenient for local individuals testing commercially and in 2020 for farmers and ranchers. We appreciate the partnership,” said Charles Luper, OSU Extension Associate for Pesticide Safety Education.


Photo: Pictured left to right Sheila Foxworthy, Assessment Center Facilitator and Charles Luper, OSU Extension Associate for Pesticide Safety Education.