Photo of Bruce DeMuth, Superintendent/CEO of Pioneer Tech

DeMuth Retires From Education After 38 Years

Bruce DeMuth, Superintendent/CEO of Pioneer Technology Center (PTC) will retire from education at the end of June.  A reception will be held at Pioneer Tech on Thursday, June 28th from 3 to 4 pm in the seminar center.   A product of the CareerTech system DeMuth has been active since his involvement in Future Farmers of America (FFA) in high school when he became a state officer.  Feeling a sense of wanting to give back, Bruce majored in education and after his graduation from Oklahoma State University, he dove into the field and became a Vocational Agriculture teacher.  His first post was at Fairview High School in Fairview, Oklahoma.

Bruce served as a Vo-Ag educator for three years and then decided to move into administration.  He became the very first Administrative Intern at Meridian Tech and through the course of ten years filled several capacities in instruction, such as; Director of Student Services, Assistant to the Superintendent and Director of Daytime Instruction.  During this time, he also served as Director of Business and Industry Development.  In his time at Meridian Tech, Bruce recruited and mentored a number of young professionals to work at the tech center who now serve in the CareerTech system in key leadership roles.  In 1994, he moved to the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education, serving as a State Coordinator for the Area Schools Division.  In 2000, when Pioneer Tech needed an Interim Superintendent, DeMuth answered the call while also working as Associate State Director and later became Chief of Staff for the state agency.    Then in 2012, he returned to PTC as the Superintendent/CEO and has been serving in that capacity for over five years.

In DeMuth’s tenure, he has initiated many innovative programs that have produced growth for PTC.  First, he created the Guaranteed Graduate Program, which promotes Pioneer Tech graduates to area industry.  This designation means they are the best of the best and Pioneer Tech will retrain them if any area business has a problem with their skills.  After launching this program, DeMuth and PTC leaders discovered that attendance was the hardest target for students to meet, so a plan was implemented to encourage and train students in the importance of attendance not only at the tech center, but at their future job.  He, along with his team, asked the PTC Foundation to assist and through this partnership students were rewarded when attendance goals were accomplished.

Second, DeMuth also wanted to put a team together that focused solely on recruitment.  Quickly, the Enrollment Management Team (EMT) was formed after he arrived as Superintendent. The group meets regularly and strategizes on how to recruit students to Pioneer Tech.  From this group, Bruce was the brain child behind the Student Leadership Academy (SLA).  This is a group of high school students who compete to be on an elite team assisting with recruitment days at Pioneer Tech.  They also learn leadership, discipline, accountability and teamwork.  The SLA students participate by leading tours for 3rd graders, 8th graders and sophomores.  They are also present at all the special evening events Pioneer Tech has during the year.  The Foundation Roast, Back to School Night, PTC Preview Night and Advisory Night all rely heavily on these individuals to serve.

DeMuth leads has led the tech center with trust, accountability and encouragement.  Pioneer Tech’s mission of “Enhancing Lives and Securing Futures,” has become Bruce’s motto as well.  Any presentation or speech given, it only takes about a minute before he clues the audience in to this important mission that PTC promotes.

“It will be difficult to walk away from my dream job here at PTC, which has been the highlight of my professional career.  However there are other things that I want to accomplish, see and do.  I have so much appreciation and gratitude to everyone associated with Pioneer Technology Center.  I will miss this community in a big way,” said DeMuth.  He went on to say how proud he was of the PTC team, the work they do and the lives that Pioneer Tech touches.

Gay Norris, PTC Board President shared, “Bruce’s leadership has fostered innovation and vision for Pioneer Tech by continuously seeking to serve our district with superior education and training opportunities.  His community leadership and participation has further served to form alliances and partnerships with local leaders.  We wish Bruce all the best for his well-deserved retirement.”