Business Incubator

Pioneer Technology Center’s Business Incubator is a Certified Business Incubator facility designed to create and nurture the growth and development of a new or start-up business. Space is available for service, light manufacturing, and wholesale startup businesses. Incubator tenants are able to use conference rooms and office equipment. In addition, the following professional services are available:

  • Business plan preparation
  • Operational guidance
  • Pre-employment testing and screening
  • Government contracting
  • Customer service training
  • Marketing plan preparation & implementation

Incubator tenants also receive an Oklahoma Income Tax exemption. For more info. email Robert Howard or call 580-718-4239. Video

Current Incubator Clients
  • KB Enterprises (GateHands)
    Suite D119-120
  • Speak Now Film Co.
    Suite D123
  • Thomas Distribution Solutions (State Surgical Supply)
    Suite D113
  • Titan Preparedness, LLC
    Suite D122
  • Total Fab & Construction, LLC
    Suite D115
Helpful Forms:

Business Incubator Floorplan

Client Application

Client Lease Agreement

Business Incubator Rules & Regulations